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Christmas, the right time for retailers to boost up their sales

july 20, 2014 | Special Occasions

Let us know how?

As we know Christmas season is on, few days are already over but few days are still remaining. If you are a retailer and you have lots of products then it’s the right time for you to boost up your sales.

Right customer always chooses a right vendor and the right vendor get chosen if the approach is customer centric and if it is offering right service at the right price.

There are many do’s and don’ts for the retailers, but if they follow it they can still bounce up their sales.

What a retailer should do?

  1. Should understand the customer’s requirement and prospective
  2. Should have customer centric approach
  3. Should negotiate and fix right value for the product
  4. Should offer great deals and attractive offers
  5. Should suggest and help the customers while buying gifts
  6. Should have patience

Let us elaborate each positive point in detail:

Should understand the customer’s requirement and prospective:

A good retailer tries to understand the basic need of its customer. If you understand the requirement of the customer in deep, you can show them the best options you have. If you have a clear sense of customer’s prospective then you can freely give them the best suggestions.

Should have a Customer centric approach:

You should not force the customer to buy that gift of which you want to clear the stocks. Be a good listener and listen to them and then give them options. So first think of your customer, rather than thinking about your stocks.

Should negotiate and fix the right value for the product:

It’s the best quality of real retailers to negotiate on the price in a right manner and then fix the rate of the product. It will make your customer happy and will make them feel that you listen to them. That’s very important if you wish to survive, so instead of being in high profit, choose to win your customer’s heart.

Should offer great deals and offers:

A retailer can only boost up its sales, if it provides great discount and offers specially during season like Christmas. If you provide exciting heart winning deals, the customer will always seek you every time while buying gifts.

This will help you in maintaining a long lasting healthy relationship with your customers.

Should suggest and help customers while buying gifts:

Since buying gifts for your loved ones has always been a confusing matter, you should think like your customers and then give them options to explore.

You should suggest gifts to your customers but after knowing their requirement in a full manner. They will love your this approach and will come to your store again and again.

Should have patience:

As you know choosing a right gift is difficult, you should have patience while dealing with your customers. It might be possible they might ask for more options or they can take hours to decide the right gift, it’s your responsibility to tackle their problem and provide them the best suggestions.

After all customers are god, think over it and apply this clause as this Christmas god will bless you with what you want.

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