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july 20, 2014 | Home Furniture

At Spandan we are here to help you and we take our work seriously! We always want you to be up-to-date with regard to design and office equipment , so today we are going to tell you what this new way of working and this space , increasingly widespread.

What is a coffice?

The coffice is a new work space, resulting from the combination of “coffee” and “office ", that is, coffee and office.

Is the coffice a cafeteria?

But it is not a cafeteria, since customers who come to the coffice go to work, while those who go to a coffee shop can go for a beer, chat with friends, read the newspaper...

However, what does is maintained in the coffice is the philosophy that characterizes the cafeteria: the relaxed and relaxed atmosphere and, of course, the coffee of rigor.

Is it then a coworking?

Neither, although both coffice and coworking begin the same, in reality they are two work spaces that respond to different needs.

And is that coworking is a type of space designed to be used by entrepreneurs and freelancers, or people who telecommute and want to exercise their functions in a place other than your home or Starbucks. It is also a place that serves as a meeting point and so new ideas arise between people with different or similar profiles, and are also used to hold meetings.

It's an office, yes or yes!


Although it is true that the coffice and workcafé of the offices have many similarities, in fact, they are almost the same. Except for a difference.

And the fact is that the office is a place where employees who belong to the same company go (except in exceptional cases), while in the coffice it does not happen that way.

Characteristics of a coffice

Below we tell you what are the most important characteristics of these new workspaces, the coffices.

  • Open bar. Pay according to time

The main characteristic of these new spaces is that the user pays for time , not for the number of coffees or buns consumed. Depending on the place, you can hire an hour, a pack of hours, days, months ... And in any of the cases you can consume unlimited food and drink: there are snacks, teas, coffees ... and of course, high-speed wifi!

So anyone works, right?

  • Relaxed atmosphere

Do you know what we are talking about when we say that you breathe a good atmosphere, of confidence, like a home... ? Well that is what characterizes the coffice and the reason why users feel comfortable and end up returning.

You will find a quiet place, where you will not suffer interruptions. The hours you spend in the office will be very productive.

And, if you go to a place where there is noise, distractions, etc., for that you stay at home.

  • Good design and furniture equipment

Of course, without a good design you cannot get a nice working space.

For this reason, the designers, interior designers and others, responsible for the aesthetics of the stay, place so much emphasis on this factor.

You have to perceive and reflect a purpose, an intention in the decoration, in the same way that happens with the interior design of the coffee shops that we like so much and that make us feel at ease.

On the one hand, the range of colors chosen is decisive, as well as the type of office furniture, lighting and accessories.

In fact, even some coffices become reference in decoration!

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